All of Your WordPress Analytics at Your Fingertips.

Glue all your website analytics data into 1 comprehensive report.

Glaroo Analytics
Comprehensive WordPress Analytics Reporting Made Easy

Disclaimer: We Are Not Saying Your Analytics are Wrong. They Are Just Incomplete.

Just to be clear, We are not saying other analytics services like Google Analytics are wrong. It is just incomplete. It is only telling part of the story. All of these 3rd party sources share their data with you, but it is all just the parts. It does not tell the whole story.

Most of the time, a website analytics is like a puzzle box found in the closet with 3 randomly found puzzles inside of it.

What if it could be better? What if there was a single authoritative report that started with your WordPress content, integrated many different sources, and discovered powerful new insights previously unknown?

This is what we chose to build.

The most comprehensive WordPress analytics tool -- That starts with your content & actionable insights on your data.

Step 1: Gather WordPress Content

Start with your content. We gather your posts, pages, categories, authors, tags, etc.

Step 2: Apply Analytics

Then, we add all of your Analytics data on top of your organized content

Step 3: Generate Insights

Once data is fully aggregated, we uncover new insights and data previously unknown.

Step 4: Deliver Report

Finally, we deliver these comprehensive reports to you whether in spreadsheets or dashboard.

Other services are a box containing multiple puzzles mixed together. We are the glue & binding of the book that tells your complete story.

Stop Tracking Website PerformanceThe Hard Way

  • Multiple browser tabs
  • Incomplete data
  • No source of truth
  • Confusing layouts

Start Tracking Website PerformanceThe Smarter Way

  • Start with your content
  • Integrate with performance data
  • Aggregate results
  • Generate 1 comprehensive report

Standing Out in a Noisy Crowd

How our analytics service delivers you powerful insights not found elsewhere.

Data Authority

We start with your WordPress content as the source and then layer everything on top. A foundation for data authority.

Complete Integration

We have data connectors for the most popular analytics & performance services. And we can build any you may need.

Fast & Effortless

We make it push button easy to setup, integrate & generate reports. We do all the coding & data crunching for you.

View All Your Website Performance Data in 1 Single Report



Start With Your WordPress Data.


Google Analytics

Integrate your Google Analytics Page View Data.


Google Search Console

Add Your Google Search Console Data


Additional Sources

Sprinkle in additional data sources


Actionable Results

Review your single consolidated report


Real Insights

Make smarter data-informed decisions

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  • Unlimited Monthly PageViews
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  • Unlimited Google Search Queries
  • Additional data sources on-demand
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